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Mentorship Readings

Ever felt like you just needed a little nudge in the right direction?
Some clarity. Are you feeling so different than your friends and family, and can't figure out why?

It is all going to be ok. You are right where you need to be. I have been there and know what you are going through. Thinking I am alone and nuts. I wasn't. Just had to go through my own process and trust didn't come easy.

That is why I am now shifting my business so that I can help more people so maybe they don't have to go through what I did. Aiding those that are newly awakened and even those who have been at it for a few, in whatever way is best for each person. The planet needs our help and in order to do so, more awakened souls means more peace sooner rather than later. Helping us reconnect with our inner guru and with the Universal Intelligence some call God, Source, etc. Connecting with the planet and respecting all who share this beautiful sphere we all call home. I am here to help people discover what truly matters in life. Find what is missing in their lives. All that material stuff sometimes doesn't cut it anymore.

My own experience and education background in Communication, Sociology, Psychic and Mediumship, Massage Therapy, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Shamanism, Sound Healing, Meditation, has helped give me a unique perspective to help others find their uniqueness, their unique song and what they have to contribute to this world.

Mentorship can include everything, and a few things, that I do. It is whatever I feel guided to in the sessions. Most people may only need one or two sessions. It is to get you on your way and into wholeness. To keep you clear and humming as the changes unfold for all. If someone wants more, especially meditation, then we can do that too.

Mentorship Readings:
$65 for 45 Minutes
$150 for 90 minutes (1 1/2 hours).

Choose length of reading:


Meditation Sessions
Includes energy clearing


Group Meditation - Including Energy Clearing - Contact me for more details


Reiki Classes Available. Contact me for further information.



The guidance and information that comes through is just that, guidance.
What you do with the information and any actions you take are your responsibility and choice.

None of the information is to be considered legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact. It is subject to your interpretation and judgment.

Please seek out and/or consult licensed professionals. This is not intended to replace any type of therapy, counseling or treatment.

For legal reasons, the readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only.

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