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Even in these transformational times, we can experience peace within.

Sessions consist of getting in touch with guides, loved ones, higher self and I channel higher messages and healing energy that empowers each client to awaken the sleeping lion within. Rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Helps to gain mindful awareness and clarity to guide one on a path that is perfect for each individual. Everyone has something wonderful to share with the world. You are more than ready to discover what that is.

Know that you are never alone. We have help in the physical as well as etheric realms. Let me be a light in the physical to assist you on your journey within. Allow me to help you connect with spirit in a way that brings peace of mind to your life.

Each session is truly unique and fun, either a simple intuitive reading or I will add energy/ vibrational healing to it. Depending on your needs, we can meet in person, virtual and/or over the phone. You will now have the choice to pay what you can afford for your session. Reading length will vary depending on the amount of messages received. It is whatever is best for you at that point on your journey.

For more information - contact me at kristinjoylife@gmail.com

Reading only:
$35 $50 $65

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Reading with Energy:
$45 $60 $75

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With these services you will have the choice of three options of how much you want to pay for that service. $25, $35 and $50. I trust that people will be able to help in supporting my work with what they can afford at that time. Looking forward to shining my light in new ways.

Pay for Services Offered by Email:
$25 $35 $50

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The guidance and information that comes through is just that, guidance.
What you do with the information and any actions you take are your responsibility and choice.

None of the information is to be considered legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact. It is subject to your interpretation and judgment.

Please seek out and/or consult licensed professionals. This is not intended to replace any type of therapy, counseling or treatment.

For legal reasons, the readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only.

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