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Spiritual Guidance and Development/Psychic & Mediumship

Utilizing all my intuitive/psychic/medium gifts, talents, training and transformational life experience, I work with you to discover an inner world that is awaiting you, one that can answer the question of - " Isn't there more to life than this?" To finding your unique path. Whatever that may be for you.

Along with my dash of joy and sass, maybe an Animal Totem or two, together we can make this life of adventure be all it can be for you. Like Alice in Wonderland or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, this journey of introspection can do more for you if you only allow it to. Be at peace and have more joy in your life.

It is time for a new and better world for all on this amazing planet. Time to wake up, discover the truth of who we are and live the most awesome life we all can and deserve to. So. Shine your light, which helps the world more than you know and if you need help remembering where you put it or how to find it or maybe just to brighten it, contact me and I can help you see just how fabulous you truly can be.

It is my hope that you will gain some clarity and much needed peace during our time together.

Guidance/Development Sessions:
30 minutes are $50
60 Minutes are $100.

Choose length of reading:

Phone Readings:
30 Minutes are $50
60 Minutes are $100

Choose length of reading:

Home Parties: 30 Minutes $50 per person
Have a Minimum of 6-7 People and the hostess gets theirs FREE!!
(Price may also depend on distance)
Contact me for details 586-291-6039


It's not that difficult. Let me show you how. Learn some basics with me and the rest is up to you!!
There are endless benefits - so why not!! It is something you will look forward to!!
Quiet your mind, de-stress from the day, let go of life's stuff , find what is truly important and much more. Possibilities are endless.

Individual Class with Me - $50

Energy Tune-up Sessions

We make life too serious, it gets to us and then what? Feeling drained or just off? Things are changing on the planet at a pace that can be overwhelming. Let me help you with some simple basics that may just do the trick. I will utilize my Reiki gifts, the Amethyst Crystal BioMat and other energy balancing techniques to help relax and rejuvenate your day or outlook.

The Basics Package - BioMat with Reiki
30 Minutes - $40
60 Minutes - $70

Choose package:

Treat Yourself
BioMat, Reiki, Tuning Forks, Chakra Balancing
and a Mini- reading included.
30 Minutes - $60
60 Minutes - $100

Choose package:

Reiki Classes

I am a HFII Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher. I offer Reiki classes starting from HFII Reiki I& II through Holy Fire II Karuna Master®. Contact Me to schedule a class.

HFII Reiki I - $111
HFII Reiki II - $145

HFII Reiki ART - $275
HFII Reiki Master - $300

HFII Karuna Reiki Master® Level - $500

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The guidance and information that comes through is just that, guidance.
What you do with the information and any actions you take are your responsibility and choice.

None of the information is to be considered legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact. It is subject to your interpretation and judgment.

Please seek out and/or consult licensed professionals. This is not intended to replace any type of therapy, counseling or treatment.

For legal reasons, the readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only.

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